Inspector: Synopsis does not refresh when clicking on folder

This regards v 0.26:

  1. create a folder and some subdocuments each with a synopsis
  2. go to the outliner, activate Inspector
  3. click on the folder document in binder, view correct synopsis for the folder
  4. click into the outliner list (not the Binder!) into one of the documents, inspector synopsis refreshes correctly
  5. click into the folder document in the Binder, outliner disappears and inspector synopsis does NOT refresh correctly

Thanks, this does look a little buggy. To clarify the expected behavior, the inspector is linked with the editor specifically, not the binder, so it should show the information for the document selected in the editor. Thus, if you select a document in the outliner, that information should be displayed in the inspector, and if you then select the parent folder in the binder, nothing in the inspector should change while the editor is still in outliner or corkboard mode. If you switch the editor view to viewing the text of the folder, however, the inspector should switch to show the synopsis and meta-data for that folder document, and that part doesn’t seem to be working.

Meanwhile, it is possible to view the inspector info for the containing folder while in the outliner or corkboard by deselecting (ctrl-click) the document in the editor. (On the corkboard you can also deselect by clicking anywhere on the background; if you have empty space in the outliner that works as well, but if the page is full you’ll need the ctrl-click method.)

I’m also a little concerned by the steps you’re describing, since it sounds like the view is changing in the editor when it shouldn’t be and that might also be buggy then. If you’ve selected to view the folder in the outliner, clicking the folder in the binder shouldn’t change the view–it should stay as outliner until you change the view via the toolbar buttons or the menu options or shortcuts. To reiterate your steps:

  1. Click on a folder (not a document group) in the binder
  2. Set the view to outliner
  3. Select a document in the outliner
  4. While the editor is still showing the outliner, click on the folder in the binder again

And at this point the document text of the folder is displayed in the editor instead of the outline view that was showing previously?