Inspector tabs bar has disappeared

Hi, Having seen a previous post on this issue I closed my Project and cleared Interface as instructed. This worked and my inspector tabs came back. However, the next time I reopened the same project the inspector tabs have gone missing again. I can only access the tabs from the Navigate menu. This only happens with one (and the most used) project.

Device is iMac 2017 Version 10.15.7 Scrivener Version 3.2.3
Appreciate any help in getting this useful tool back to normal.
Thank you.

Are you aware of the toolbar icon and keyboard shortcut that toggle display of the Inspector? You could have hit one by accident, if you didn’t know about them.

In the first screenshot, the 1st icon toggles the Binder and the 2nd one toggles the Inspector. If your toolbar doesn’t look like this, you may have the same icons elsewhere or you may want to right-click on the toolbar and customize it.

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 04.24.48

BY THE WAY, the particular Mac you’re on would almost never matter (but the macOS version can).

Thank you drmajorbob,

I didn’t have either icon on my toolbar. I added both. However, the second icon in my system is labelled ‘Collections’. The inspector Icon in my toolbar is an ‘I’ in a blue circle. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

Either way nothing changed after much toggling back and forth. I played around for a bit and have got my inspector tabs back so obviously something worked! My playing around consisted of ‘close and clear the interface’ again. I also changed the editor split from vertical to horizontal( same as my other projects without the problem). Finally I hid the tab bar. Probably none of that was relevant but either way I’m happy to be back to normal.

Thank you for your help, hopefully the problem stays solved.