Inspector toolbar stuck in the Inspector column

The toolbar for the the inspector pane in one of my projects has come unstuck. It’s sitting halfway down the inspector panel in every inspector view (synopsis, bookmarks, etc) blocking the view of anything underneath it. I can’t click and drag it, but all the buttons work as normal. The problem affects every file in this project.

None of my other projects are affected. So far I’ve tried closing the inspector, closing the project, restarting Scriv, restarting my Mac. It doesn’t want to go home.
It’s not a disaster, but it gets in the way a fair bit. Any thoughts, oh Sages of Scrivener? (Scriv 3, Mac OS 11.7, Macbook 2015)

I would try …

  1. Close the project
  2. Quit Scrivener
  3. Find the project in Finder
  4. Duplicate the project in Finder (to have a backup)
  5. Right click the project in Finder and choose ‘Show Package Contents’
  6. Open the ‘Settings’ folder
  7. Delete ‘ui.plist’
  8. Reopen the project (‘ui.plist’ will recreated) to see if the problem has been resolved
  9. Any problems, revert to the duplicate of the project
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Worked like a charm. Thanks!

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Step 1 created a backup already.

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As long one doesn’t change this setting.

I’d never encourage anyone to change it.

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Of course not. But it would be one of those settings that you might change when looking for the cause of a problem like Scrivener (apparently) “freezing” or crashing when backing up a huge project on closing. And end up forgetting to turn it back on later. That’s all.

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If the limit on backups is 5, of course you’d be right, but I set the limit to infinity. If I accumulate a bunch of useless backups while troubleshooting, I’d delete them afterward.

I’m going to delete a bunch right now, come to think of it – all but the last backup of each month except the current one.

Just curious: Why? Do you often retrieve data from those? (Line of thinking: Aren’t they included in the Time Machine backups anyways?)

It’s belt-and-suspenders insurance, like any other backup. I’d go to something four months old only if I decided I’d gone the wrong way in the writing in the meantime. As for Time Machine … its retrieval user interface is abysmal.

Well, yeah, undeniable. But it looks nice. :see_no_evil: