Inspector Weirdness

ummmmm…my “General” folder is obscured by the Synopsis folder, as if it’s slid up behind it??? Even part of my “notes” folder, too. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone even understand what I’m saying? :wink:

I’m not sure, but could it be that you hadn’t noticed that beta 5 has triangles that collapse and expand different parts of the Inspector?

If that’s not it, could you be more specific?


Please do check out the “KNOWN BUGS” thread at the top of the forum, it would really help avoid duplication: … .php?t=714

The bug you are describing is the first one listed there, “Notes pane sometimes becomes too big”. I have experienced it myself - it is a resizing bug, but I cannot reproduce it with enough consistency to fix it. If anybody can refine this and describe a situation in which this always happens, I would be very grateful.

Please provide any further information about this bug in the “KNOWN BUGS” thread linked to above - I am closing this thread so that we can keep the information together in that thread.