Inspector window glitch?

The Scrivener tutorial (at 5 a: The Synopsis Index Card) says that there should be a button in the top-right of the inspector. Strangely, I find none in my version of Scrivener 2.8 (26295). Also, I find no icons at the bottom of the Inspector window. It doesn’t matter which option I select, no icons appear. Am I missing something?

I am not sure when this problem arose, but I believe it was only with version 2.8.
How do I fix this?
Thank you.

Not even at the top of the Inspector?

It’s at the top of the index card, not among the other inspector icons.


Screenshot 2016-07-19 23.12.58.png

Thank you xiamenese.
I could have sworn that there was supposed to be a row of icons at the bottom of the inspector window, but I guess my memory is playing me false.

The problem I still have is that the icon that you indicate allows me to select either an image or text. But I cannot find a way to use it to autogenerate a synopsis. . . . or am I simply misunderstanding again??

I hope someone can help with this. I’m starting to feel rather stupid. Even worse, I think I must be looking stupid! (Shudder, cringe. . .)

The command to auto-generate a synopsis is two-thirds of the way down the Documents menu. (I seem to remember, although I could be entirely wrong, that an icon to do this was removed a few updates ago by Keith in order to reduce clutter on the user-interface.)