Inspector window position changing (UPDATED)


The inspector window don’t maintain position when changing between “Note Style” and “Document” menus of the inspector.

How to reproduce:

  1. Place the inspector anywhere in Scapple window
  2. Move the inspector anywhere in the window
  3. Click on the non selected menu (“Note Style” or “Document”)
  4. You’ll see the inspector window jumps to the position where it was before moving it.

Using latest OSX version of Scapple on OSX 10.9.4


:blush: Latest:
Since noticing this problem, I switched between various programs on the Mac, put Scapple in Full screen and normal screen. The problem can not be reproduced any more.
So was that the position variable of the Inspector that was blocked and then “liberated” by switching to other programs?

My guess is that it was some kind of transient glitch. I’ve never seen anything like that before, and I don’t recall any reports along those lines either. Do you use any window management enhancements, like BetterTouchTool, virtual desktop replacements for Mission Control, etc? Theoretically none of that should be an issue (I use a number of these sorts of tools, myself), but it helps to know the context of a problem.


No, I’m not using anything exotic as program.
The only soft running that might interest you is … 2890?mt=12
But it’s running now also and I can’t reproduce the problem.

Maybe another time :mrgreen: