I’ve been using Scrivener now for some years and it is great, but over time I have come to be disappointed with certain lack of features. For example, I’d like to have a separate setting for how inspector comments and footnotes appear as I write and on the printed paper. I would like to have the option to go through footnotes and comments separately and have them all display in quite large font without having to change the settings for how they appear on print. I’d like more flexibility here, just as on the body of text.

The same goes for the outline, pretty much. I would not only like to easily change the fint size, but also plit the outline vertically while also maintaining the effects with folders etc from the binder.

I hope this is somewhat clear, I think these suggestions would improve the app considerably. Thanks for considering! You’re doing a great job!

Since you called this post “Inspector”, I assume you already know that it’s possible to not only jot down notes and footnotes in the editor as inline formatting, but as pop-up links that show their content in the sidebar. Since this interface does already lists them together separately in that sidebar, what were you thinking of specifically that would be different from that?

As for font size, no problem. By default it is chained to the main editor window, but if you right-click on any comment you’ll find a zoom menu that lets you pick your own scaling. Also consider that as with just about everything in Scrivener, what font you use while writing can be made irrelevant when you compile. In this case, the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane has a toggle to override footnote formatting with a unified font family and size. So you definitely do not have to squint at 10pt if you don’t wish to. The default font for footnotes and comments can be set in the Formatting preference pane.

Binder, Outliner and Corkboard font settings are all in the Appearance prefs. Feel free to tune those however you like.

Thanks for the feedback!


I have a suggestion for a new feature to this great app. When I write I like the possibility to move sections around easily. I often have to rearrange text several times before I find the right structure. The possibilities to split at section and merge documents are both great. What would be even greater though would be if one could mark the document I want to move up or down and just take it there without having to mark it in the binder. When I split and merge sections many times I end up with up to 10 documents all with the same name. I need them all selected at once, often also in a double window. Keeping track of which is which is a bit more work than my own idea: to just be able to put the marker on the section (document) I want to move, click, and move it. Even across to the window is split and I can read the same document(s) in doubles next to each other.

Excuse my poor explanation, but I really think my idea is good - hope you get it! :wink: :smiley:


Do you perhaps have an example from another program that I could look at, that demonstrates what you mean? I am not familiar enough with the process you are trying to make easier, I think. For me, if I want to move a paragraph from one place to another in the same document (or another), I use cut and paste because I find that more efficient than the mouse and click and drag—but if I were to do the latter: I would split the document, scroll one side to where I want to place the selection, and then click and drag between them.

It kind of sounds like that is what you are asking for though.