INSPIRATION is the one other program I use alongside wonderful Scrivener - I rely on the mind map facility at the very start of any book, for brainstorming, getting down first ideas, scenes, names as they occur to me.

Then I shift the bubbles around into some kind of order, and this final diagram forms the basic map of my book.

I would love to be able to hold these diagrams in the research folder, but I haven’t found any way I can do it. I can export the diagrams to Word, but it’s a clumsy solution.

The outlining facility on Scrivener is tremendously useful, but it can’t replace INSPIRATION at the very early stages of writing.

Print to pdf, and drag-and-drop? I don’t have the Mac version of Inspiration, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.


P.S. When I saw your topic subject, I thought you might be asking where the Inspiration button is in Scrivener. I’ve been looking for that for ages… :neutral_face:

I wish!