Install and relaunch question

Question about a minor frustration: I had a document open and got reminded to update Scrivener to 2.01; no biggie, I figured. So I downloaded the 20+Megs of new Scrivener and kept working in the meantime. I realized that the “ready to install and relaunch” box was sitting there behind my work window, so decided to do the relaunch. Silly me figured that like as usual when installing new software, I should close my doc and quit out of Scrivener first.

Of course (“of course?” he asks), when I did that, the “install and relaunch” box disappeared. There’s nothing on my desktop to click such as a .dmg file; there’s nothing to find in any sort of downloads window.

Ever optimistic, I re-opened Scrivener to see what version I now have. Still 2.0.

So I’m typing this to kill time while I wait for it to re-download. Thought I’d ask two questions: 1. did I miss something here that would have made the second download unnecessary? And 2. if not, isn’t there a better way?