install errors

I’m trying to download and install the newest version (1.9.7 I think) of Scrivener for windows. Anyway, it downloads a version from May of 2015 and makes me go through the update system within the program. Whenever I try to do this I get the following error:

scrivener is not currently running from its last installed location

runtime location: ‘c:\program files (x86)\scrivener.exe’
installed location: ‘c:\program files (x86)\scrivener’

to download and install the update, please uninstall or manually remove any copies of scrivener not at the installed location path above, then restart scrivener from there and select help > check for updates…

Scrivener IS running in its last installed location, because I JUST downloaded and installed…please help

I should note, the update file I downloaded is to install the most recent update. And I just checked it, it is, but when I go to “about scrivener” within the program, it says that it is version from March 2015…

Go into the Programs and Features portion of Control Panel. Which version of Scrivener does it say you have installed?

If you have the older one, you might want to uninstall it, reboot, then re-download the latest. Save it to a known folder. Run the installer and verify it installs.

I did as you said. Programs and Features says that it’s version 1970. I’m assuming they just forgot to put in the points in their metadata…?
If that’s the case, I have but whenever I open scrivener for the first time in the day, it still tries to download and install the newest version…which I have installed…I’m so lost.

You can turn off auto-updates from the preferences.
It might also be that you have multiple installations, and some of your startup shortcuts point to different versions and install locations.
The proper way to verify which version of Scrivener you are running at the very moment is check the Help > About box.