Install file invalid

Downloaded the Windows version 1.8.5.
the file is 85Mb, but has no extension. No zip, exe, or tar or anything useful. Will not run the install.
The file name is Scrivener-installer__1_

Is the file corrupt? Am I missing a step somewhere? Windows doesn’t recognize this file type.
How to install Scrivener on Windows? Or how to get a valid file from download?

Have you tried downloading again? Maybe that is just a temporary file the browser created while downloading and it got interrupted.

I clicked the link in the email confirmation - "scrivener for windows (1.8.5), and the message invites me thus “do you want to open or save Scrivener-installer__1_ (83,3MB) from”

Obviously, this is a flaw, because it’s not the exe file, but it’s the only choice.

My only alternative is to download the trial version, install it (which works fine), then try to register, which then refuses my proper serial name/number. Yes, I know it’s case sensitive. I assume to leave out the hyphen.

This is the most bizarre and unfriendly install procedure I’ve seen in some time. I guess writers must be very patient with masochistic software. I hope the product itself is more friendly than the install, although I see it’s already having major problems with QHD displays. Yuck.

Can anyone help? Is this the only place to get support? Three days since purchase and not yet having the product I’ve purchased.

Sounds like you bought it from Amazon and something’s wrong on their end?

What happens if you rename the file to something like Scrivener-installer__1_.exe, or even just Scrivener-installer.exe?

Edit: Oh, looks like even when you download directly from Lit&Lat it’s still coming from Amazon. The filename should be just Scrivener-Installer.exe try renaming yours to that and see if it works.

Support is also available by email from

I’m not sure what’s going on, but you should just be able to download it from Lit&Lat and put in your serial. If you’re having troubles with that part maybe see this: … index.html