Install for Release Candidate 6 hangs

When it should be loading files, I get the following. It ignores X and Cancel but responds to Back … for what it’s worth. When I use Back, it ignores X and cancel again (Task Manager here I come), but it looks like a normal dialog at least.

I’m running Windows 10 under Parallels on a Mac.

ALSO: when I get to Task Manager, it has the same disease as Scrivener’s install. See the 2nd image.

With the system itself in such a state that it cannot even draw Task Manager properly, I’d reckon a reboot would be in order.

Probably unrelated, but I cannot install RC6 in Wine. I have only had an install issue once before in the RC’s.

It hung on me when I did the auto-update through the program. The program crashed soon after I pressed ok. When I restarted Scrivener, I went back into the help menu and tried it again and everything worked normally without issue.

Reboots don’t help, and now – trying to download the installer again – the download hangs (on the Mac).

I stopped the download, tried again, and I got an installer that works.

Maybe the earlier download was corrupted somehow.

If you have a Mac why are you trying the windows version? It makes no sense to me.

It doesn’t matter why, but it’s pretty simple. I help people who use Windows.

Oh, and downloads go faster on the Mac, so I download the install there and move it to Windows.

Boot Camp? VMware Desktop or some other virtualization? Preferred browser setup on Mac and downloaded files saved to shared storage with networked Windows machine?

As long as they aren’t trying to install the Windows installer under MacOS, who cares where they download it?

I know how, I was asking why. And installing it under VM is not the same as installing it on a real Windows machine, ain’t it? The problem may caused by the VM and not Scrivener.

I have been using the betas and RC’s on Wine using Linux. With the numerous betas and RC’s, I have only had the install fail twice. The first time I left it until the next Beta. The second time is now. I can’t update and I can’t re-install. It is possible it is an error with Wine but from where I sit the probability is that it has something to do with the installer in RC6.

That only reinforces my point.

Lots of users, myself included, have no problems installing Scrivener on the officially supported platforms. It’s your right to try to install it and use it on some obscure VM or unsupported OS, but I don’t see how you can fault the software for your failed experiment.

Anyhow, chasing and fixing bugs that don’t affect the officially supported systems is a waste of time. Time that can be spent to advance the development of the software.

Scriptdoctor, why don’t you PM a user here named Garpu.

He’s been very sharp on Linux, Wine, etc., and has run and contributed on Scrivener a great deal.

Might have jumped in here, had you put Linux in the title of your post…

@Scriptdoctor, I installed it on my Mac using Crossover, and it installed more quickly than any previous beta or the stable 1.x. So either the problem is that your version of WINE lacks one of the dependencies or your download is corrupted—which does happen.

Also, in the dedicated “Scrivener on Linux” sub-forum there is already a thread started by @garpu on problems with WINE 5.

Go there.



Krastev, this is a discussion board. People should feel welcome to come here and discuss whatever issues they are having, as others might have experienced the same and have advice for them.

If the topic is of no interest to you, like virtualisation, then go spend your time productively in threads that are. Coming in here and questioning why anyone would ever want to install Scrivener on a VM isn’t helping them figure out the problem they are facing.

Instead I would like to extend my gratitude to drmajorbob, and anyone else who takes the time to research, purchase and install virtualisation tools in order to contribute their time and provide solid help to Windows users. I’m humbled to be working on a project where people would do that.

And as for whether virtualisation is fine to use—it is. I use it for 99% of the QA, support and referencing I need to do with Windows. I also get the best screenshot quality through the VM because I can take advantage of my Mac’s native display—so using a VM benefits the quality of the user manual as well. Scrivener isn’t a hardware driver. It, a program written in a cross-platform toolkit that is already itself one step removed from native operation (which is itself a blurry and difficult to define stack of toolkits), really doesn’t care that Windows is, at a fairly deep level, being fooled into thinking its working with metal, instead of code simulating metal so well that Windows will install itself and run on the simulation (and even in some cases, as I understand it, it is working with metal at full speed).

Never said virtualization is not useful and that you can’t run Scrivener on a VM, but a VM is not the same as the real deal, and f you are using it, you already know that.

I always tried to help other users, as you can see from my other, numerous posts. Even in this case, my intention was precisely that. But, to solve a problem you need to know where it comes from. That’s why I ask questions. In this case, OP never mentioned they’re attempting to run Scrivener on VM, a VM that can be the source of the problem.

I didn’t “fault the software”. As with my previous experience [url]Error msgs installing B41 on Wine] I didn’t expect L&L to investigate such an error. I was posting my experience so that it might help others. I wasn’t expecting to be criticised for something I didn’t do.

Thanks xiamenese and @narrsd

You’re welcome!

I’m a middling self-made Scrivener guru spending hours every day helping users on Facebook’s “Scrivener users” group.

The only reason I run a Windows VM is to help Windows users (I abhor Windows personally), and all I get in return is an occasional “love offering” (maybe $500 in 8 years) and a thanks here and there. I get a lot of rude pushback as well, something I know you’re quite familiar with as well.

I’m constantly amazed at the level of expertise and dedication you demonstrate every day, AND YET it’s not enough for some people. Keep up the good fight.

I also use virtualisation, and have been running the Win V3 beta for some time on Parallels On Macs.

  1. The display seems better than on Win machine using the same External display.
  2. The win platform on Parallels gives me fewer problems than the Win machine (a fully spec’d i7), not just for Scrivener, but also a web ecommerce program called Shopfactory. Yes I know most of the world uses online ecommerce solutions and I also do, but Shopfactory has specific benefits for some contracts.
  3. It’s great to be able to jump between the versions at times.
  4. I get to take Mac and Win on the road with just the one machine. (Like DrMajorBob I have a dislike of Windows, but reality bites)

I’m mostly a lurker here, not a helper, though provide support for a small group of mixed Win/Mac Scrivener users locally without having to jump between machines. Admittedly nowhere near the support DrMajorBob provides here and on the various Scrivener forums and of course the amazing support from AmberV. Amazes me some of the ‘Shit’ you both cop but still keep offering the help.