Install questio for second and third Mac


I have recently expanded my Mac collection to include an iMac and a Mac mini. I know I can install my original Scrivener license on both of these additions, but my search of the forums has not turned up the specifics on how to do this. I have the receipt info as returned to me via eSellerate. It contains an 10-character order number (beginning with ST) and another 14-character number (beginning with SKU). Is one of these my license number?

Also, where do I go to download Scrivener to the new machines? Do I download the 30-day free trial? Will it have a place for me to input the existing license number?

Many thanks for your assistance.

There is no difference between the trial and the full version, except that the full version has been unlocked with a valid code, so yes you can download the DMG from the home page onto each computer and install it as per normal. Please check this page for examples of what the serial number should look like, and how it is situated in the e-mail. There are two screenshots at the bottom of the page.

Totally Unnecessary Trivia: It’s not the SKU number though. That’s an industry term in inventory control, usually used to identify the product very specifically. It stands for Stock Keeping Unit, and is often more precise than a model number, as variations on a product (such as a green iPod Nano vs a pink one) will have different SKUs (pronounced “skew”).


Wanted to let you know that I emailed your Scrivener registration details to you a little while ago. If you go to Scrivener > Register… after installing the application onto your new Macs, you will see the relevant areas to carefully paste the information.

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Just added to our mac collection with an iMac. Have installed the trial version on it and went to register with the licence purchased last year on our powermac, right after nanowrimo. I get a message that the serial number is invalid. I’m guessing that the version purchased last year was a 1.X and, although we’ve kept it updated, the serial number is still associated with the old version and doesn’t work for 2.1. What do I need to do to register on the new computer?


You can tell if it is an old number by the starting block, if it starts with “000” in it, then it is an old number. New ones will have “001” in it. Since you purchased roughly one year ago, you did so right on the cusp of the release, so if you do have an old number, you are eligible for a free upgrade. Use the “Upgrade from 1.0” link on the main web page. Be sure to download the trial for your old computers, too, so you can get them up to speed with the new software.

Thanks for your speedy reply. Looks like the problem was a space after the serial number name that I hadn’t been typing in. Thank goodness for the thorough instructions linked to the registration page! All sorted out now.

so if i have the 001 serial number I cant get the upgrade; i.e. use it on a second computer?
because i need to use files on other computer and the old version wont even open them properly

Other way around. :slight_smile: “001” is the new batch, so you’re good to use the new version on your other computers.