Installation, and Web Import

Hi all,

Quick few questions before I jump in and download Scrivener. I have Windows 10, and an ipad gen 4. I would mostly use Windows 10 for this. I see that Scrivener 3 is coming out soon; how good.

[1] What should I download? A trial of Version 1, or the Beta for Version 3? Or just purchase version 1 - because that gets a free upgrade to version 3 when that arrives?

[2] Since I am starting out; I would probably prefer to be on the latest - Version 3 beta - and learn the ropes there.

If I download the beta, when the official version 3 arrives - what will I need to do? Simple upgrade in program? Can continue the project/s easily?

[3] I have a website / blog; ; there’s a ton of pages (96 or so with 15 bits of content on each one). It has a random variety of topics, and content types. It only shows 15 per page.

Would the import web page capture just the 15 items on that page? Or is there a way to get it to capture everything (multiple pages).

For example:

The Quoteable Mises — , 12 pages - with 15 items on each page.

What is the best way to get all of these into Scrivener? :open_mouth:

Many thanks.

I haven’t used the v. 3 beta, so I can only respond in a limited way. Since there’s no way of knowing when the final release of v. 3 will be available, I think I’d do this: download the trial of v. 1.9.7, use it all the way to the end of the trial period, and then purchase it, in order to shorten the time between my purchase and the availability of v. 3. I’m not sure when the cutoff date is between purchase of v. 1 and free upgrade to v. 3, so perhaps that would be overthinking it, however.

On the other hand, for your specific purpose of importing a lot of Web pages, you might want to give the beta a try. I don’t know how fully and well it functions at the moment–hopefully someone else will chime in with that info–but the difference between how v. 1 imports Web pages and how v. 3 will do so is the difference between “not” and “should do the job.” The current Windows version of Scrivener, in my experience anyway, is simply nonfunctional WRT Web page import. My understanding is that this is because Web design has gotten way beyond the outdated code framework on which Scriv 1 is built.

Again, I hope someone else will jump in with experience about how Web import works in the current v. 3 beta. But I just wouldn’t even try what you want to do with v. 1. You might actually want to look at some of the discussions in the beta test forum to get a sense of how it’s doing at this point.

If you buy a license for v1 now, you’ll get a free upgrade to v3 when it’s released: … ows-update

So, no need to stretch the trial to the very end if you don’t want to.

The beta is not feature-complete, so you won’t be able to access all the compile features, for instance. See the tutorial of the beta, where they clearly mark where features currently work, and where the features are not yet implemented (even the tutorial at that point becomes irrelevant; I think it is just a copy of the Mac tutorial at those points).

My advice is to use the current release for at least a few months, but to follow the Windows beta forum to keep track of changes as they roll out once a month. You can subscribe to it (like any other topic in the forums), so that you get an email or a notification when there’s something new posted.

Thanks so much for the replies so far.

Still not 100% sure what to do, but will ponder over it.

Q: Do I need to be careful with installation of certain versions? So if I install Trial 1, then go to Beta 3 - needs to be in diff folders etc? Not over writing eachother? Can be both at the same time?

Hi all,

I have just come back to this. Still got 27 days on the trail :open_mouth: :laughing: .

Suggestions on what I should do - given the latest info?

Is Version 3 out for windows?

Any recommendations?


Any updates for this?