Installation error on 1.6.1

In trying to install the 1.6.1 update I get an error that tells me “destination not available” while copying files from the archive in my User temp directory to something in my Program Files/Scrivener directory. The error message box gave me the option to retry or abort. I retried a couple of times and then aborted

If I can find the install.exe file I’ll try again so I can provide a more precise descriptiong of what happened.

I’m running Windows 7.

Here’s a more precise description of the problem . ( I downloaded it again so I could try install again.)

The error comes up almost at the very beginning of the installation. Here’s what it says:

“Error copying file from packed archive. c:\Users[user name]\App Data\Local\Temp\Scrivener 1610 update.exe
to c:\Program Files(x86)\Scrivener\eWebclient.dll
Destination not writable”

Then the abort, retry, ignore buttons. Retry and ignore do nothing. Abort closes the program.

There is a ewebclient.dll file in that directory.

TIA for any help.