Installation Failed

I got the ‘eSellerate Install Failed’ message.

Your site explained: “If all of these things fail, usually because of a permissions problem on your computer, then you will see the “eSellerate Install Failed” message.”

Your detailed instructions worked for me. I got the program running again but I must tell you – and I fear – YOU’RE GETTING TOO COMPLICATED! – This is just one example. No way would any other major software product expect this from it’s users.

Common USA expression> KISS: (i.e.“Keep It Simple, _______”)

With your manual also; it’s too much. KISS. KISS.

P.S. > Very nice program. Keep up the good work.

The “eSellerate Install Failed” message is not normal - it is caused by a permissions problem on your computer. We can’t really control problems on your computer; all we can do is provide instructions for you on how to solve those problems if you run into them. (The eSellerate install is a third-party framework that handles registration, and it is used by many Mac shareware apps.) Normally this would be a very smooth procedure; it’s just unfortunate that a problem on your computer caused a hiccup. I’m glad that our instructions got you up and running, though.

As for the manual, we can’t exactly cut it down when it is supposed to cover all the functions of a deep application. But you should only really dip into the manual as and when you need to go into more detail. To begin with, go through the interactive tutorial project, or look at the 10-minute intro video.

Thanks for trying Scriv, and for all the kisses. :slight_smile:

All the best,