Installation Hysteria

I am totally new at using this product and I don’t understand how to get it up and running.

First of all, my printer only printed out the second page of my receipt so I seem to be missing some important numbers.

Secondly, I did download the trial version but in trying to upgrade to the full version I don’t understand what “serial number name” and means and, like I said, I don’t have a serial number.

Also, how do I upload files from Google Docs into Scrivener?

Thanks for any and all help. Julie

It seems in the Update thread, you’re narrowing in on the issue with the license. As for google docs, you can download them to your computer as either RTF (rich text format), or as .doc, and then you can drag the files into the binder and let Scrivener import them.

The printout aside, the original e-mail should still have the serial number and name in it. I would suggest using the digital copy anyway, since copy and paste is the best way to input that information into the registration form in the software.