Installation Issue with Beta 026 prevents launching

Beta 026 will not launch correctly after it is installed over an existing installation of Beta 025. Windows Programs and Features will then show two separate copies of Scrivener as installed on the computer. Each must be de-installed separately and then the computer rebooted, and Scrivener Beta 026 then re-installed.

I have noticed today that several people in the tech support section are reporting that they cannot launch Beta 026 after installing it. I’m guessing that in each case they had a previous installation of Beta 025 and they did not de-install the earlier one before installing the newer one. Please look into this and post a note about it.

I suspect it’s a result of a less-than-thorough approach to building the installer.exe for Scrivener Beta 026; it’s leaving some files and registry entries from the Beta 025 installed when it should delete them all as a normal course of the Beta 026 installation process.

I’m on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, SP-1, with 4GB RAM.
Wheat Williams
Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

For what it’s worth, on Windows 7 x64 I upgrade from 024 to 025 to 026 by just running the new installer, not performing an uninstall-then-install. I’ve seen no glitches or problems, other than the old versions not being removed from the Programs and Features list.

Granted, I didn’t always do this. I only started upgrade in place once the “check for updates” functionality was added to Srivener.

How many of the people reporting problems have a long trail of installed versions?

I’ve just done a 026 install over 025 on an XP Pro machine fully patched. Aside from the problem, reported elsewhere, that the installer tried to install in My Documents, everything went fine.

It might be worth checking where the installs are if two copies are installed. XP Pro will in some circumstances try and install in My Documents and needs to be manually pointed to the programs directory. There’s a separate thread ( ) on this subject.


I’ve installed 026 directly over 024 on two machines, Vista Home Premium and XP Pro SP3. No issues.

I installed Beta 26 and I’m unable to launch now. This is the first time I’ve installed Scrivener on this machine.

Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
I get the error message,
C:\Program Files (x86)\Scrivener\Scrivener.exe
The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log for more detail.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. didn’t work. Any ideas?

Well, hmmm, if it’s happening on a new machine, then it doesn’t sound like a previous installation conflict?

For those who had the problem, did you also get the error message Broken Thought got?

Broken Thought, just curious – not sure if it’ll help – but did you check the application log event?
Very roughly, it should be something like

  1. Click Start - > All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer
    (I think you can search for “Event Viewer” and get it, too)
  2. Expand Windows Log -> Application
  3. Scroll down to roughly the time of the error. Hopefully, there will be Scrivener mentioned there somewhere.

No. I didn’t check that. It’s been a long time since I used Windows.

I did get it working however, by uninstalling, restarting my machine then reinstalling.