Installation issues........

I am at a loss for words.
I paid for the 2.0 upgrade received a receipt that had absolutely no upgrade installation instructions or links.

I find it hard to believe that I will be required to download the “free” version and then be asked for a code.

I am using 1.5x and want to simply install the new code for 2.0 but I am stymied by a complete lack of automation much less clear instructions. I have followed all the instructions to the letter, entered my current email address (the one where I received the receipt) only to be told I am not eligible to make the change.

There is nothing special about my iMac or configuration, standard fare really…

Why was there not more though applied to this process? A person would think that getting the software you paid for would be a prime consideration when distributing a new release…

This is VERY irritating… especially considering I have been a paying Scrivener user almost since the beginning.

I would check spam folders first, to make sure the instructions and serial number information did not get lost. If you can’t find a thank you message with installation instructions in your e-mail account, then please file a report with sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com.

That depends. For a program you bought off of a shelf in a store, that would certainly be unusual. For programs like Scrivener which are distributed using the “shareware” model, where you can trial the software (usually with some sort of restriction on either features or how long you can use it) and if you like it, pay for a special code that unlocks it without any further downloads or installs required.

This is how 1.5 worked, as well.

You need to install 2.x to register 2.x—it won’t work in the old version of the program. Download it from here, install it over your old version in the Applications folder, and give it another try.

That link worked perfectly and quickly.
Why was this link not provided in the receipt or on the website?

This is a MAJOR oversight and an irritating one at that.

Thank you for your help Amber.

I’m not sure what you mean. I think this blurb might be a little dated, but it should be essentially the same. Excerpted from the welcome e-mail:

And on the web site there is a download link at the very top of every page (save the forum), on the home page, on the main Scrivener pages in multiple places, and there is also a download link, upgrade instructions, and other details within the upgrade bulletin notice in the old 1.54 alert, too.

So, I’m not sure what to say. :slight_smile: Where did you look—expecting to find a link on the site and find nothing? I’ll take a look at that spot and see if there is something I can do to improve it.

I looked at every option before coming here and demonstrating my frustration.

Even the link you provide above.
This is what I get with your link,

To upgrade your copy of Scrivener,
please enter your email address below:

this is what I get when I type my email,

Your email address is not valid for this upgrade.
Please check spelling or try another email address.

This is the standard reply I get on every link for upgrade, every one…
I have tried deleting cookies, rebooting and cussing loudly in chinese and swahili, all to no avail!

BTW, I am STILL getting those messages despite having registered and installed the software!

Additionally, I have tried cussing in Canadian but that did nothing but cause me to crave a Labatt’s Blue!

Oh, wait, I might have misunderstood. You only need to use the upgrade link once to get your upgrade coupon. Once you do that, it won’t ever let you use that coupon again (and there would be no reason to, since one serial number serves for all of your computers in most contexts). That link is just for the purchasing process. Once you’ve done that, use the invoice with the serial number in it for all future re-installations. Again, if you never got an e-mail with a serial number, contact sales.

It sounds like you are getting that page even when you click the link to the regular scrivener.php page as quoted above? I can’t reproduce that on my machine; it just goes to the main product page with the three screenshot fold-out and so forth.

P.S. Try cussing in Iroquoian. Always works for me.

I see, but that still makes no sense. I never got the chance to enter any information whatsoever until you gave me the link, and even now the message has not changed…
Oh well, its all good now…