Installation of Beta .15 not working

Hi. Both options of installation for beta .15 are not working. The one within Scrivener: installation starts but then crashes. Download from webpage: everthing works smoothly until you start Scrivener (path is not identical).

For me is working fine the installer in Beta .15 , But I had the same issue with beta .14, I can’t remember exactly what I did to fix it, but I remeber I deleted the temporary installation files and executed the installer manually…but I just can’t remember the path. :frowning:


That worked. Deleted my .15 installation files, did manual download and changed the installation path from …scrivener to …scrivener3.

Thank you.

So far, while the devs have no doubt improved the internal updater, I don’t trust it (it’s broken two updates for me, requiring complete reinstall). So I uninstall the current Beta (whatever it is), delete the folder it was in (C:\Program Files\Scrivener is common, but I use Scriv3 as the Beta directory/folder name), and install the downloaded program manually. If you’ve got other stuff installed into the Scrivener directory (like personal dictionaries, etc.), I suggest moving it elsewhere before deleting the directory (I’ve got that stuff backed up in another part of the drive).

You can leave 1.9.9 where it is, but do NOT install Beta 15 in the same directory (if you’re using the 32-bit version of the Beta, this is likely, because that’s the default directory it will try to use). Having them in the same directory may cause odd things to happen. Another reason to rename the Beta’s directory to Scriv3 or Scrivener3 or even ScrivBeta).

Windows updater notified me with an update. Installed with no problems. Opened several times afterwards with no issues. Have both versions but in separate directories. The beta is marked as Scrivener beta3.

I suggest instead labeling the install folders as scrivener3-b15

Since you should Uninstall each beta and remove the directory it was in, it is simplest if you install each beta in a new separate clean folder. Easiest way to do that is label them. Since I keep v 1.99 running I also rename the desktop icon to Screvener bxx to indicate each new beta.

I’ve had no issues using the folder as marked. I created the folder back with Beta 8. Have never changed the directory or such. And when they implemented the update option I’ve been using it as a test to see if it works. The work I have is not crucial so nothing is lost if I do encounter a problem. My desktop Icon is also labeled as Scrivener3 while I have 1.9.9 (now) in a different location.

But thanks for the suggestion.