Installation problem beta 12

Installation problem beta v12

There is definitely something wrong with the new installation module.

As per usual, I uninstalled the older version of the beta before trying to install the new one.

When I started the installation of the v12, I got a message ‘permission denied,’ and the program just disappeared—all of its windows and messages gone without any action on my side.

I tried again, and this time it got to a place where it told me that it was going to install Scrivener in my Documents folder.

At this point, it was obvious there was a problem with the permissions, so I canceled the current installation, turned off my anti-virus, and restarted the whole thing as administrator.
I want to point out that all Scrivener executables are in my anti-virus whitelist.

Now, it’s not a problem for me to do this whenever I install it, but I have never had this problem before with any of the previous beta installations.


Thanks for the feedback, Krastev. The installer is unchanged. The “Documents” folder is proposed as a destination folder, when you install without Admin rights. We investigate on improving this, but this is a separate issue discussed in a separate thread. Make sure that your newly downloaded Beta 12 installers are also whitelisted with your antivirus application. Many antivirus applications flag newly downloaded and files never seen in the antivirus application community. Have in mind that the HighDPI version is now the default download version of Scrivener Beta 12.