I twice tried installing the trial version of Scrivener and near the finish received an error. "There has been an error. A debug report has been created at: C:/Users/Reuben/AppData/Local/bitrock_dcbug_3892.xml.
Please attach it to any bug report.
The application will now close.

I would have attached the bug report but it too long.

I have windows operating system. I have facing same issue.

I purchased the Windows version today (31 May 2019) and I am experiencing the same issues … at the end of the installation process a message pops up … /bitrock_debug_12612.xml … Are there any solutions to this problem?

There are no icons to open Scrivener … the only way to do this is to select the C: drive, … open Program Files (x86), open the Scrivener folder and select the Scrivener “application” file … double click on it and Scrivener will open.

One should like to think, this is not the method one has to use to open/use the software?

I realize one can right click on the Scrivener application and then select “Pin to Start” … However, this is still not the way to try and run the program … there is an obvious problem in the installation process and it should be fixed … would you not think so?

Makes one wonder if there are any further issues hidden within the software we as the end users do not know about … make you think doesn’t it?

Have y’all tried right-clicking on the Scrivener installer and selecting “Run as admin”?

I’ve tried several times to install Scrivener on my laptop. I installed it as administrator.

The load is almost done and I get this message. debug errpr.PNG

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Sister Mary

Is that file in the error available to you? Have you sent it to anyone at Lit & Lat?

I’ll check it out.


Sister Mary