installed 1.5 and can't quit Scrivener

I just installed Scrivener 1.5 and lost all my files. I wanted to quit Scrivener and try again, but it won’t allow me to quit either. I am still on a free trial and had been planning to purchase it today because I loved it til now. Can you help me get my work back?


Firstly, do not empty your trash. The update shouldn’t wipe your files, so I’ll take a wild guess: have you been adding your work to the tutorial project rather than creating a new project for your work?

If so, you mustn’t add your own work to the tutorial project because that is built into the program itself and will get updated with each update to account for changes in the program that need to be addressed in the tutorial.

If this could be the case, please check out this post for a solution:

If you haven’t been adding your work to the tutorial but did in fact create your own projects, then please give me more information so I can try to help you.

Hope that helps.
All the best,

Thanks for your quick reply. I have been creating new files for my work. On second look, I haven’t lost my files, I have simply lost access to them. They are greyed out, just like the quit scrivener link is greyed out, so I cannot open them.

It sounds as though Scrivener thinks there is a modal sheet open although it sounds like there isn’t… Check the Window menu to see if there are any other windows that are open that may need closing to restore things.

Otherwise, use Apple menu > Force Quit to kill Scrivener. What were you doing when this happened? It sounds like a bug.


Thanks Keith. Another window magically appeared that allowed me to try Scrivener. I don’t know where it had been hiding, but my files are all intact.