Installed 3.0 but the app shows up with the new icon with file name Scrivener

It looks like 3.0 installed, but the app name in my apps directory is “Scrivener” the date created is June 21, 2018, so coupled with the round icon, I think it actually is 3.0.

I will be upgrading from 2.0 and still have that on my macbook pro. I was going to go through the process with the Upgrade Guide provided in version 2 format that is supposed to guide me through the process, but would like to make sure the app is installed correctly first. I still have the file which has the v 2 icon with create date 2011.

Can you tell me where I went wrong? All I did was download and install 3.0. I believe the 2.0 app was open
Will the upgrade guide explain how I upload my 2.0 files and if any changes are needed?
Is there anything special I need to do to have both 2.0 and 3.0 on the computer?

Also, are the video tutorials on 3.0 or are they based on 2.0 still?

Thank you

As you already had an application called Scivener in your applications folder, macOS has given the second installation of Scrivener a 2 at the end to distinguish it from the original installation.

Some advice from L&L here: … 88#p257888

The upgrade guide explains how to open Scrivener 2 files with Scrivener 3 (a file conversion is involved, with an archive copy being made as a fail safe). The upgrade guide is designed to be opened and completed in Scrivener 3. … date-guide

You can have both versions of Scrivener on your Mac. Best to close them and then give them names that clearly define and distinguish them. Once you’ve switched to version 3, you will probably miss its new features when you go back to version 2.

Most videos have been updated for Scrivener 3, though old videos about Scriver 2 abound on YouTube. … s?os=macOS

Slàinte mhòr.

Thank you my Celtic cousin. Irish or Scottish?

That is an easy solution, I just wanted to make sure there was not a deeper problem. On to my refresher course with 3.0 videos!