Installed Latest Version, and my Novel Mss vanished

Any help much appreciated. I was out of town, tried to reopen Scrivener, and couldn’t because I had to download a new version. So I went to your site and downloaded the new version. And my novel mss. is NOT there. ANY HELP much much much appreciated. A little desperately, M

Hi, MashaH,

Your novel is still on your computer, don’t worry! Scrivener 023 had to do a full install rather than just an update (this should be the last one that needs to do that) and as part of that it cleared your “recent projects” list. But that’s just a list of shortcuts to your projects; the projects themselves are still on your hard drive wherever you originally saved them. Most likely this is in your Documents folder, but an easy way to find them is to use Windows search and type in the project name or, if you don’t remember that, just type in “scriv” and it should bring up all your projects.

By default Win7 (which is what I’m checking now) will just show the list of names, but if you select “see more results” from the bottom it will open up a panel where you ought to be able to see the whole file path to each of the results, and that will then tell you where your project is stored, for future reference.

Let me know if that works for you. I can search for my projects that way,find them,but Scrivener won’t open them. nobody seems to know how to fix the issue, so I’m just waiting for the next release…

Hi tamarah3,

A couple things to try, if you haven’t already:

  1. Open your .scriv project folder and then open the version.txt file in a plain text editor like Notepad. It should say “16” (no quotes)–if it doesn’t, select all and then type that in and save it.

  2. Copy the .scrivx file and paste it in the same location–should end up as “.scrivx Copy” and you can then delete the original one and remove the “Copy” from the file name of the new one.

That worked for some projects when this problem occurred in earlier betas, so it’s worth a try. If that doesn’t work for you, we’ll try something else. I’m really sorry you’re having this issue.

For the moment, I am just compiling and saving daily whatever work I’ve done. I AM worried about what will happen when I do the next update in May… THANKS for the help.