Installed Scrivener 3 update, AVG immediately quarantined it

I installed Scrivener V3, and loaded it for the first time. It told me there was a 45MB update; did I want to download it? So I do that, it wants to restart my computer. All fine so far.

Then I start it for the second time, first time post update, and it throws up the registration box. I click the check for discount thing, and go to discord while I wait. It seems to be taking a while, and then I notice my AVG has thrown up a warning. “Scrivener.exe is infected with idp.alexa”… there may have been more, but I don’t remember it. There seem to be a number of variants (google shows me .53 and .51, for example).

Maybe this is nothing (I’m running a scan anyway, to be sure) but has this happened to anyone else?

AVG, Avast, and several other hyper-paranoid AV suites seem to really hate the Qt framework. This is a known false-positive, you will likely need to whitelist Scrivener in your AV in order to keep this from happening. Once you have whitelisted it, you may need to re-install Scrivener to ensure that it is properly installed and that components weren’t helpfully quarantined.