Installing 046

I asked this in the beta 046 thread but have not yet received a clear answer.

Can I install beta 046 over 035 or must I uninstall 035 first? I never received or heard of 045.


Sorry to jump in with another point, but when I went to the menu Help->Check for updates… nothing happened in 0.35. I imagine this will be a big problem for people who aren’t keeping up with post 1.0 progress on these forums (i.e. most paying customers).

I’m running XP, and I checked for the update as soon as I discovered 0.46 was ready, so that may have been a factor.

Now that we a new beta, could someone in the know please answer the OP (updated for 049, of course!)? :slight_smile:

You can install 049 directly over 035 but you must download and run the complete installer rather than using Check for Updates.

(045 was the NaNoWriMo Trial version, so a lot of people would have skipped it as it wasn’t announced here, since the standard 046 came out a day or two later.)

Thanks Jenn! :slight_smile:

And thank you, Lee (and any other devs) for ALL your hard work. Kudos! :smiley: