Installing 1.5 - hold my hand, please

I have the second draft of my novel on Scrivener and it’s the best thing I’ve EVER used besides my darling Mac. But upgrading is twisting my undies. I’ve been poring over the topics and posts looking for very specific instructions given in low, soothing tones, and what I’ve found just make my palms sweaty and my bladder untrustworthy. My questions: do I leave my old 1.11 in the application folder and assume the new 1.5 blends like a good marriage without my interference? Or do I get rid of 1.11 and stash my files someplace (WHERE??? HOW???) I’ve followed the directions about redownloading but when there never is a place for me to put my license number, I get anxious and stop the proceedings. I’ve backed everything up nicely in a separate file, but will they comingle with the newfangled things in 1.5? Obviously all this works just fine or more instructions would be out there, but the mishaps of others and my own tentative approach make me need a juicebox and a hug and some DETAIL here! Thanks for any help.

Here’s how to upgrade:

  1. Open the Scrivener menu and select “Check for updates…”
  2. Follow the instructions.

It really is that simple. You don’t need to do anything about the old version; the updater automatically throws it away for you. You don’t have to enter your registration number, because that doesn’t get thrown away. And if anything goes wrong, which it shouldn’t, the old version will stay in the trashcan until you choose to empty it.

WOW. Magic! Thank you, Insignia, it was as you said. Now, about updating extras - whatever they are, and I wonder if I’ve ever used them - have you any advice there?
Thank you so much.

The extras are project templates and such; if you don’t use those you don’t have to worry about it. If you do want them, just download and open the installation file from the website (, then double-click the Extras icon.