Installing 2.6 and 2.7

Can I install 2.7 in a separate folder (inside the Applications folder) without it affecting 2.6?

I just want to test 2.7 before upgrading from 2.6.


I have moved 2.6.5 into a separate “Applications” folder inside my user area, and have installed 2.7 in the main “Applications” folder. They work perfectly … they share the same preferences etc., but the only thing you have to be careful with is making sure you only open 2.7 versions in 2.7.

I have done this because my Windows using collaborator in China hasn’t yet upgraded to v. 1.9 so I have to make sure the projects I share with her remain in the old format for the moment. If you’re just wanting to try it out without collaboration problems, it makes backups of the original formats so if you stay with 2.6 you can work with those. On the other hand, if you’re on El Cap, I think you’d be better to upgrade.

Mr X

separate “Applications” folder inside my user area

Thanks, how did you do that?

Go to “Home”, represented by the little house icon; clicked “File > New Folder”, or in my case just Shift-Cmd-N shortcut; named it “Applications” and dragged the Scrivener from the main applications folder to the new one. “Simples!”, as the saying is …

I often put apps I want to try in that folder first, but I knew I was going to update to Scrivener 2.7, so I moved the old version, as I hope my collaborator is going to upgrade her Windows version before too long, at which point I’ll trash the 2.6 version.

Mr X

I have several versions of Scrivener running for testing purposes. They don’t affect each other at all.

HOWEVER. As Mr. X pointed out, 2.7 uses a different project format from 2.6, and it’s a one-way conversion. So once you open a project in 2.7, you’ll need to use version 2.7 for it from that point on unless you’re willing to revert to a pre-2.7 backup.


Thanks Mr X and Katherine.