Installing 3.1 alongside

Hi. Thank you for the upgrade. Congrats on getting it out!

Are there any known issues installing 3.1 as a separate install in parallel with an active

Are preferences, custom keyboards, dictionaries, etc all importing without issue into 3.1?

Anything to be aware of?

Thank you!

I suspect this is a use case that has not been heavily tested and that you are going to be one of the people finding any bugs, if they happen.

You can have them both installed, but they will use the same preferences and global settings–you couldn’t, for instance, have 3.1 using a French interface translation and Dark Mode theme and 3.0.1 using an English UI and the default theme. They will need to each download any spelling dictionaries you want to use, as the location referenced for these wouldn’t be identical, even though the selected language in the Corrections options will stick once the dictionaries are downloaded for each.

Since they would be using the same registry settings, only the more recently installed will be considered as running from the installation location, meaning you’ll get a little warning message you need to click through every time you open the older one. Only the newer will be able to auto-update (though really with this setup, I would encourage uninstalling both and then running the full installer fresh once you’re finished needing two versions side by side). Related, double-clicking a project from the File Explorer to open it will open it in the more recently installed version, so you’d want to first launch the older version and then use File > Open… from there to open the project to be sure you’re using the desired version.

Thank you for the replies!

MM - thanks the details. It’s about what I’d expect for an upgrade of this sort. My only concern is making my current installation unhappy, when it’s working just fine for me. So I might leave things for now as is.

Or… maybe I’ll update my other installation, which I use only occasionally. Are there any project compatibility issues between the two versions?

I’d say the risk is minuscule.

Would there be any issues with a project that had been opened and worked on in being later opened in 3.1?

The risk is still minuscule.