Installing custom compile settings

I have a custom compile settings file that my co-author gave me. I thought I just needed to put it in the Scrivener support folder-- Scrivener --> “Reveal support folder in Finder”, create a CompileSettings folder, and put the compile settings file there. The settings don’t show up in Scrivener’s compile sheet, though, even after quitting and relaunching the app. What else do I need to do? The file is a valid property list whose contents certainly resemble Scrivener’s built-in compile settings files.

Just to be absolutely clear, I put the compile settings file in ~/Library/Containers/com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2/Data/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/CompileSettings/

I wouldn’t put it there. Instead, load your project, and then bring up the compile dialogue. Select the drop-down list next to “Format As:” and scroll to the bottom of that list, choosing “Manage compile presets”. Then click the Import… button and locate the settings file you received from your co-author. Once it’s in, you can trash the settings, or just archive them somewhere that you’ll be able to find them again, should the need arise.

That did it, thanks! I had looked in the presets but somehow missed the “Import” button. Scrivener put the file in the same place that I had, only now it knows about it. Thanks again.