Installing Full Version of Scrivener on a New Laptop

Just as I was gearing up to start editing my latest novel, my laptop died on me (of course). Thankfully, I had backups of my manuscript saved online but did not have a backup of Scrivener. I’m currently using a borrowed hand-me-down laptop to finish the editing process and get my book published but it does not have Scrivener or anything conducive to novel-writing installed on it so it’s been a massive headache.

I don’t want to repurchase Scrivener for this laptop as this laptop is only a temporary solution. Is there a way I can activate the full version of Scrivener on this laptop if I can find an email or receipt of some kind showing that I have already purchased the program?

Just send an email to L&L. They should have your info on file.

Until you get that info, you can just download and use the free full evaluation version. It is good for 30 days of use (doesn’t have to be consecutive days) and uses/creates standard Scrivener projects.

This very same thing happened to me, and the problem took with it the emails needed to bring up a new copy on a new disc.

I tried the esellerate automated order number retrieval but that provoked no incoming email at all, so, being as how I could boot the damaged disc provided I didn’t do any of a long list of things, I went hunting in the registry using regedit.exe and crossed fingers.

Scrivener presents its details under HKEY\LOCAL_USER\SOFTWARE and you will need the User Name value along with the license key.

Scapple seemed to have a more dispersed information structure in the registry, but I stumbled across a hive named “esellerate” which had both scrivener and scapple keys (but not the user name).

The User Name from the scrivener information and the keys I found in the “esellerate” hive sufficed to get my L&L software up and running on a new disc (had to reinstall of course) and now I’m a reasonably happy camper. Huzzah!