Installing New Version Doesn't Delete Older Version in Windows 10 App List

If you install a updated beta version of Scrivener 3, it doesn’t delete the older entry and you end up with a list of every installed version in the Applications list. If you try and delete one then you can’t delete any others as the application has been deleted yet it doesn’t delete the entry in the Applications list.

Is there a way to delete entries in the application list for older entries as I have 13 Scrivener apps in the App list?

The installation instructions don’t say to delete previous versions. Most programs just update the entries to keep from having this problem. I’m running Windows 10 Pro 64bit

If you’re running as an admin on the computer, when you click on one of the stale entries and try to uninstall it, it should give you the option to remove the entry from the list. You may need to use Control Panel/Programs and Features instead of the new Windows 10 Settings interface to get this option, however.

This has been a known problem for the lifetime of Scrivener for Windows – it’s a feature[1] of the installer package they seem to be using.

Also, there is a separate forum for beta issues – this is the forum for support for the release versions of Scrivener. The devs are much more likely to read any future bugs you report if you post them in the Windows Beta forum. :slight_smile:

[1] Do you know the difference between a feature and a bug? Seniority.