Installing on second machine

I bought Scrivener for Windows on January 3rd of this year and have been using and loving it. My question is not about how to do something.

I am getting a new laptop that should be delivered by the end of this month and I want to put Scrivener on it so that I can use it whether I am on my laptop or my desk top like I do now. Downloading it is the easy part. My question is do I have to purchase another copy license to use on my new laptop or can I use the serial number for my desk top on the laptop as well. If I don’t have to purchase a second license I would rather not as I am on social security disability and have a very limited income.

Thanks for your help! :mrgreen:

I split this off to a new thread. You can make new threads by visiting the topic you want to post in and clicking the “New Topic” button at the top of the list.

Anyway, as to your question: no problem at all! You buy the right to use the software on your computers, not a specific machine. There are more details in this knowledge base article.