installing or starting up

I downloaded the program, and it appears on my desktop as a dmg file. But when I double click on it nothing happens. I have Mac Os X 10.4.9

Please help

DMG files are disk image files - they are a common way of downloading and installing software on OS X. When you double-click on the file, a window should open in Finder from which you can drag the application into your Applications folder.

Hi there,

I’ve downloaded a free trial of Scrivener but can’t get the tutorial to run. I’ve tried reinstalling twice. I’m using OS X 10.4.6.

If you are having difficulties opening the tutorial from the menu, you can still get access to it. Go to your Applications folder, and right click (or control-click) on Scrivener. Select “Show Package Contents.” Another Finder window will appear with a single folder in it, open that one, and then double-click on the Resources folder. Inside of this folder is a file called Tutorial.scriv. Just drag a copy of that (option drag) anywhere you like, and close the extra Finder windows. Be sure to copy, and not disturb anything else in that folder. Now simply double-click on the Tutorial.scriv file and enjoy.

Thanks for your prompt response, Amber. Am doing the tutorial now.

No problem!