installing scrivener from CD for windows vista

Hello to the Team, to be brief I have purchased the CD of Lit. and Lat’s Scrivener and need to now ‘run’ the programme, having installed it to my hard drive from the CD. The window that pops up is telling me to run the Trial Version with it’s product key. Which version do I install to keep the little beast happy? Trial or CD? cheers sonyakay.

When you purchased the software you should have received an unlock key in the invoice we sent you. The CD itself is just a backup copy for you to keep, it has the same exact version as the one you can download from the Internet. Both install as demos and need to be unlocked with that key.

If you have discarded the invoice or cannot find it, check your spam folder first in the latter case, but if it’s nowhere to be found, just send us an e-mail at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com with the e-mail address you used to purchase the software and we’ll look that up for you and send another copy of the invoice. You might want to print that off and keep with the CD for safe keeping.

Thank you AmberV for your quick response. Yes I have done as you suggested and I am up and almost running-writing. I can’t wait to learn all about Scrivener. I have RSS feeds that come in every day from Barry Potyondi in Everything Scrivener on his WordPress Blog which is soo helpful. Odd that your user name AmberV corresponds with our family’s cattle property called Amberville!
cheers for now sonyakay