Installing Scrivener on a replacement machine


My old desktop machine died a death, and I have a shiny new iMac to play with. My old machine was backed up to a Time Machine drive which I have decided against carrying over wholesale to the new machine to get a fresh start from the clutter of several years.

Regarding installation of Scrivener on the new machine:

I have read the FAQ and it seems I can just use the same serial number I received in my original purchase, is this correct? Do I have to de-activate and re-activate? The old machine is completely toast, so I’m working on a totally fresh replacement.

I still have all my work, copied across from the backup drive, but I’m guessing I’ll need to set up my preferences and templates from scratch again, or can I copy them across? The FAQ does not recommend this. Will Scriv allow me to import preferences from backup files?

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Yes, all you need to do is re-enter the same serial number. You can activate up to ten computers, and if you run out of activations, then as long as you haven’t activated ten in the space of three months, the oldest activation is reclaimed to use for the new activation. In other words, you never have to worry about deactivating or running out of activations unless you have a dozen computers for personal use. :slight_smile:

You can just copy the old templates across, either directly into the ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates directory or by importing them using the “Options” button at the bottom of the project templates window. (You will need to locate the templates on your backup drive, of course.)

For Preferences, you can export and import settings via the “Manage” button at the bottom of the Preferences panel, but you would have needed to have export them from your old version first. Or you could locate the com.literatureandlatte.scrivener3.plist preferences file in ~/Library/Preferences in your backup and copy the across to your new machine.

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Excellent, thank you! Everything seems to be working fine now. Cheers!