Installing Scrivener on new Mac without migrating

I just bought a new MacBook Air. I don’t want to migrate contents from my old MBP because of all the clutter. My Scrivener licence entitles me to install another copy on this new machine, but how do I go about it in practice? I didn’t purchase my copy from the App Store so that option is not available. What if I deleted the installer from my old machine? I do have the serial number of my copy though. Thanks in advance for your help.

No worries! All you need is that serial number (and even if you lose that we can help you recover it). At any time you can download the latest installer from the website and unlock it. We have a pretty comprehensive migration document written up in the knowledge base. You needn’t do everything on that list, but that should help you get a complete transfer, including all of your settings, custom templates, presets and projects.