Installing Scrivener on Windows 7 Enterprise

I am not managing to install Scrivener on Windows 7 Enterprise. After downloading, I double click the .exe file, I get asked whether I am sure I want to run this application. After I choose that I do want to run it, nothing happens. No error messages, nothing. It simply does not run.

Is there anyone having a clue on why this is? All help is appreciated.

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener (Beta V 0.2.5) but have been using Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate for a long time now and most programs require you to ‘Right Click’ and ‘Run as an Administrator’ (even if you have the sole administration account on the computer) to install correctly!

Hope this helps,
D.J. Peters

P.S. I had no issues installing it, but it did not automatically run.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately it does not solve my problem: still nothing happens. I can double click, or run it explicitly as administrator, after clicking simply nothing happens.

BTW, I do not have this problem with installing other software. I was just hoping there was a “trick” or that someone else is experiencing the same problem. Otherwise, it is probably something with my machine.

Have you tried downloading the file again? It’s possible you just got a corrupted download and so it won’t run the set-up. At least worth a shot if you haven’t already.

Also, you might want to temporarily disable your virus scanner’s real-time scanning ability before running the installer, then re-enabling it once the program is successfully installed. I’ve seen multiple cases where various Windows installers would not run properly under certain virus scanners (McAffee and Symantec/Norton seem to be the two biggest culprits).

Windows 7 home edition here. Can’t install it either. Tried several times to download. Turned off virus software. However, downloaded exe doesn’t run, it just disappears. Help.