Instant keyword search with keywords HUD

Hi, Keith, Ioa,

Over the weekend I was first to intensively use keywords and the keywords HUD, and there was an action that came to be natural (and thus desirable), but as far as I can tell, not possible in Scrivener.

I felt like wanting to use the HUD for instant keyword search as well: as I would select keywords in the HUD, this would be reflected in the selection in the Binder. Of course, the basic function of the HUD is to edit the keywords (as I get it), but you could have a, let’s say, checkbox “Insta-search” or something like that at the bottom.

I’m not sure whether this is not already possible, or not, and also not quite sure I could express myself to be fully understood, but I’d appreciate your feedback.


There’s not an instant “as you select” search, but once you have selected one or more keywords you can click the “search” button in the bottom right of the HUD. Does this not do what you’re after?