Instapaper for Background & Research

Instapaper has probably been brought up before on this forum, but new features that allow you to save multi-page web pages with one click, make it worth bringing up again. Here’s a good summary of what it does:

You’ll find a full discussion of its features here: … nstapaper/

And to be balanced, there’s something called Readability that’s so similar, I couldn’t even tell you why you should use one or the other. I adopted Instapaper because it had an iPhone/iPad app, but with the arrival of a iPhone/iPad app for Readability, that difference has disappeared. You’ll find Readability here:

Both have most of their functionality available for free. In the case of Instapaper, a modest $12/year will gain you other features, such as an ability to search your archive or read articles. And keep in mind that the apps allow you to read on-the-go without a wifi or cellular connection. That makes them great for reading during your daily commute.

If your work or writing advocation require you to read a lot of material, both are excellent ways to manage your reading workflow. They not only allow you to store material to be read later, they clean out the distractions, leaving you with a clean screen to read.

Life Hacker has a good review of the various save to read later services/apps, including Instapaper here: … eadability