Instructions for compile functino

I am trying for the first time to use the compile function. I open the Compile window and don’t see any items in the Contents window, and don’t see any way to add to it. I’ve tried selecting multiple content items prior to initiating the compile window but nothing I do adds to the window. Of course when I click Compile the function fails with a message that I’ve not included any items.

I’m sure that I’m missing some obvious (but not to me) step and I haven’t been able to find a tutorial on using Compile. Please help.

Do you have anything in the “Draft” (often renamed depending on the template you chose to create a project with)? It’s the top-level item that looks like a couple of pages stacked, one curling away from behind.

Here’s a screen shot of a section of the list. Not certain how to determine whether this is draft or not.scrivener_list_001.png

Here’s a shot of the list from the top.
The Status shows as ‘no status’


See highlights on the image below.

The icon at the top is the Draft (sometimes Manuscript) folder. Everything to be compiled has to be a sub-folder to that one.

The blue arrow on the Compile window toggles it between minimized or expanded.

Thanks. How do I create a Draft item, or convert an item to a draft?

You don’t create it. It’s there somewhere already. Maybe you changed the icon?

When you invoke File->Compile, and are viewing the expanded compile window’s “Contents” section, what is in the drop-down that is shown in TOMWOOD’s screenshot, where it says “Draft(Manuscript)”?

Whatever you have in your window is your project’s version of the “draft” folder, where the documents you want to compile should go.

OK, got it… finally. Thanks for the help.
The Draft item was all the way at the bottom - never saw/used it before. I moved it to the top but only worked after I indented everything beneath.

Thanks again.