Insufficient resources network error[NOTED]

I store all data on a server across the network; all machines are running XP. My Scrivener experiment is no exception: the program is running on my main desktop, and the data is on a separate machine which has several directories mapped to the desktop as network drives.

Today, Word (in which I’m writing several other things) put up a message saying there was a problem with the network connection, and when I went to look in Windows Explorer I got a message I’ve never seen before saying the connection couldn’t be opened because there were insufficient resources to launch this service. Since Scrivener was the one new thing on my system, I tried shutting it down. Instant fix.

So I’m guessing there’s some resource leakage. I’d had the program loaded at that point for probably a couple of days, and had shortly before added a research note.


I’ll look into this. I run most of my Scrivener projects from the web i.e. a dropbox so I’m surprised; however, I tend not to leave Scrivener open when I’m finished with it. I’ve also read some other posts whereby users leave Scrivener open overnight and have noticed a lag the next day. So, there could be something in your cunning hypothesis :slight_smile: