integrated ftp or remote client backup utility?

okay, in the spirit of being absolutely paranoid, imagine you’ve spent an entire day or two writing, have not run a full back up and then lose your machine…

what would be nice is to integrate a simple command of some kind to automagically fire a backup to a remote location…in my opinion, this could be:

a) a simple email command to the effect of “send this file” with a preselected email address (e.g. a gmail/yahoo/hotmail account) in which the most current version is attached and fired off when you’re online (which is now most of the time)

b) a simple ftp utility that stores a un/pw for a remote server, really just doing the same thing as above…

the alternative is browsing to find the file via ‘attach to email’ or authoring a script to automatically attach a scrivener file to an email (this won’t resolve date-stamping or possible versioning issues, or maybe i’m wrong about that)

perhaps this isn’t even a feature request, but more like a plugin request - any thoughts?

I use iBackup for this and it works every time. I know some people have had issues with iBackup, but it writes backups to my iDisk each and every time flawlessly. There are other programs that do this too, including Apple’s Backup, but it was too glitchy for me and I didn’t like the way it does incremental backups. iBackup is also free.

This is most certainly beyond the scope of 1.0, sorry - you’ll have to use “Backup To…” in conjunction with your regular FTP client.

thanks (both of you) for posting…i’m actually looking at amazon’s new remote storage solution for my entire machine, in which case it will be very easy to include an entire scrivener folder with multiple versions…they are pricing at about 1/100th of what .mac charges, though supposedly apple is going to announce an upgrade to 30gigs with .mac tomorrow, along with a phone, some sort of apple car and perhaps even an ipod colostomy bag of some kind :wink:

Yummy FTP has a little feature that I adore. You can open up a location on your FTP server where you want things backed up, and then save a small application into a directory that you want synchronised with this location. So you could have a backup directory for your writing projects, and this little program runs in the background and whenever you add or change a file in that directory it will silently upload the changed file and close Yummy FTP when its done.