Integrated Grammar/Style checker option

Both Ulysses and Papyrus Author Pro already offer this. Ulysses uses an external site to run the checks, PAP uses its built in grammar/style checker. The PAP one is superior, but costs three times the Ulysses sub.

I have Pro Writing Aid, but gave up using it because of the lack of integration with Scrivener. (Also why I am no longer using Scrivener). It’s a workflow thing – my output tripled and the quality went up with the PAP solution.

PWA is probably as good as the built in (Dudek? or something) engine of PAP, but shutting down and reopening programs is not worth the effort to use it. I edit as I work. I write a scene, edit it, write the next scene, sometimes dropping back two or three scenes, running through, tidying up, editing, then continuing from that point.

I cannot do that without a built in Grammar/Style option.

Is there any way of implementing the hooks for PWA into Scrivener so it’s available as an option for people who buy both programs?

Currently paying 15UKP/month for PAP because I can’t work the other way any more. I can more than make that back with book sales, and claim it against taxes, but it just galls me that there’s no similar solution to let me use the PWA and Scrivener that I already own. :slight_smile:

PC V3 will just not be on my buy list owing to this.

I can’t recall how many times this has been asked for with various pleadings, including ‘I don’t/won’t use Scrivener unless…’ with the same answer.

Guess it doesn’t harm to ask from time to time but the threat of using another offering usually results in an ‘if that’s what works best for you, we wish you all the best.’

A search of previous requests may give you insight to their reasoning.

I’m sorry if this came across as a ‘threat’.
The fact is, as I said, I am already using another offering and am partway through my third novel in it.
I loved Scrivener, back when I wrote previous novels with it, but the workflow is better in the new program, which I wasn’t going to name since this is the Scrivener forum.
If the Scrivener/PWA integration becomes a thing I am willing to revisit it.
No threats, just facts from a full-time author.

Hello. I am a long time Scrivener user and love the program. It has completely changed how I write. So, thank you!

One feature that I would love to see is the integration of a writing quality / critique feature similar to the Hemmingway Editor. Something that can highlight the use of passive voice, hard to read sentences etc. At the moment I draft in Scrivener but then have to paste into the Hemmingway editor to tighten up the writing.

I suspect this is a major body of work, so totally understand if it’s not feasible, but I thought I would ask.

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Pro Writing Aid or Grammarly won’t do? Both are able to detect passive voice and assess readability. Both integrate with Scrivener nowadays.

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Thanks AntoniDol. Embarrassingly, I’ve never tried either. Based on your suggestion I tried Pro Writing Aid and didn’t like the way it integrated. I then tried Grammerly and love the integration with Scrivener, although I feel it misses some of the things that the Hemmingway Editor picked up such as complicated sentence structure… At least for fiction writing. But Grammerly will get me most of the way there in what I want to accomplish. Thank you so much for the response and suggestions.

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Personally, I trust PWA more, because their suggestions are better explained. Their mission is to also teach you the guidelines, not only check them for you. So, their explanations tend to be better. I do agree their UI is a bit clunky and could be more subtle. And I have to Ignore lots of their suggestions, and PWA doesn’t learn from that. But To Each Their Own, as they say.

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