integrating email messages

How do people integrate email messages into the Research binder? Do you all just cut and paste? I exported the messages I wanted from Gmail to .eml files to avoid the password problem but when I drag and drop into Scrivener the files are not read by Scivener.

I drag mine into DevonThink Pro, which reads the .eml format.
For Scrivener, it’s best to export/save as RTF files, and then drag into Scriv.

Thanks - but so, you must be using the Mac version, if you are using DevonThink? I am seriously considering switching to Mac solely because of DT, but have not yet done so. If you don’t mind, two more q’s:

  1. What program do you use to export email to .rtf? I used MailStore, which doesn’t have that option. Or do you mean just cut and paste the text into a text editor and save it that way? Pretty labor-intensive, I was hoping to avoid that.
  2. I am very curious how people use DT in conjunction with Scrivener. Don’t they overlap to some degree? One of the benefits of Scriv seems to be the ability to have all your research files searchable and in one place.

thanks for any help