Integrating ProWritingAid

Pro Writing Aid is a free online writing editor and - as they call it - a “personal writing coach”. It checks your grammar but it does much more:

Online grammar and spelling checker;
Find overused words;
Improve dull paragraph structure;
Find repeated words and phrases;
Check for consistency of spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization;
Identify sticky sentences;
Eliminate clichés and redundancies;
Create a word cloud of your text;
Eliminate vague, abstract, and complex words from your writing;
Analysis of sentiment, alliteration, and writing time-line.

There is an API for developers to integrate it into other programs and apps.

I’d so LOVE to see it integrated. Soon. Like yesterday. :wink:

Me too! PWA is awesome.

Me too - I’m just looking into this and it works well with Word. I am having to compile for Word to export from Scrivener so I can use it!

I have been checking out several online critique editors and Pro Writing Aid (PWA) gets good reviews. Problem for me its not supporting the Mac version of Word and has no interface to Scrivener. I think Scrivener has to produce its own critique editor or link to PWA or another leading product.

I am loving Scrivener, however going back and forth between prowritingaid and scrivener is time-consuming. It would be amazing if I could link or integrate them. Is this possible?


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