Integration with Logos

Hello there,

Although this is my first post, I have been reading through the forum for a few weeks now and have learned much from you all. I searched high and low and managed to find some similar topics that brushed up against what i asking for, but I didn’t see any resolution to them.

I have been using Scrivener now for close to a year and I REALLY enjoy it. I mainly use it for two things, papers for school and teaching lessons. As a seminary student and children’s pastor I spend a lot of time using Logos Bible software (for anyone interested it is incredibly robust) for study and lesson prep. I don’t know if there are non biblical library programs out there, but if there was a way to integrate resources from Logos (or other programs) into my research folder it would save a LOT of time! In older posts I saw that some users were using the notes feature in Logos and then moving that into their research folder later. For that matter integrating my kindle library into the research folder would be a tremendous benefit as well (that is if you could highlight and quote from them).

This request may be nothing but a lot of work for you with little to no reward… In any event it was worth asking.

Thank you for all your hard work making Scrivener so useful! :slight_smile: