Integration with software and numbering main points


I’d like to just download and start using Scrivener but I am not sure about couple of things.

First of all, reports I am going to create will contain a lot of figures and tables. Usually, word processors can automaticcally number them and put proper labels chosen by me.

So for instance, can Scrivener number automatically headings, sub-headings (such as 3, 3.1, 3.1.2), figures (e.g. Figure 2.1, Figure 5.10) and tables the same way as the others and generate

  • Table of Context with listed all headings sub-headings, sub-sub-headings … with pages etc.
  • List of figures with pages
  • List of tables with pages
    I recon the three points can be handle straight in MS windows after having properly structured document from Scrivener.

I also use software to help me with managing references and citings in my documents (PDFs such as books, journals, articles etc.). The software I’m having in my mind are Mendeley, Qiqqa, EndNote etc. It would be great to have the integration with them as well, specially those which are for free. Can Scrivener co-operate with those programs. It’s quite important for me because working manually with references can be a pain.


I’m afraid that for what you want, you’ll need a full equipped word processor software like Word, OpenOffice, Nisus, Mellel etc. - Scrivener is mostly for first drafts, not for creating the final documents.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your reply. From what you have said I have probably missed a point of using the program and you have just let me realise how Scrivener actually does help and with what. Thanks for that.

Best regards,