Intelligent thinking

One thing I love about Mac apps is they know how we think.

In Scapple I want to set all my new notes to be black. There is no option, I can see, to select a default text colour for each note. So when I choose a new note my text is defaulting to black text on a black background.

It would seem obvious to make sure this never happened unless the user deliberately chooses to have black text on a black background. It would make sense to have the program switch the text to something at least readable if a same colour on same colour is selected.

It’s not a bad idea, the only problem is we already do in fact detect for when text and connection colour is not suitable and should be lighter. The detection is based upon the board’s background colour, not a note’s fill colour. This is done universally, for all notes that do not already have a colour selected for them.

But you should be able to achieve the look you desire. As you note, you can set up the default fill colour in Options. Default text colour is a function of the board (for reasons above), so change that in the “Document” tab of the Inspector, and then click the “Defaults” button to set those for future documents as well.